2018 Mazda6 Sedan (ENG) - Test Drive and Review HD

2018 Mazda6 Sedan (ENG) - Test Drive and Review
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Travelling? Book your next stay using this link We'll both get 50 PLN (~12 EUR) off on next accommodation!Find a hotel with TripAdvisor: I have a 20 PLN promo code from mytaxi for you: marekwie2. Download the app and enter the promo code to redeem — Help me make better reviews:The 2018 Mazda6 at first glance looks almost the same as the model it replaces. Mazda's evolutionary changes seem more like a mild facelift. Like all Mazdas designed according to the Kodo concept, also third generation Mazda6 is a visually appealing car. Interior feels solid. Active lane assist can be disabled permanently. Speed limits are clearly displayed on the dashboard. Top trim gets heated and cooled seats, as well as heated steering wheel. There’s good legroom in the back, and in rear armrest storage compartment there are 2.1 Amp fast USB charging ports. Starting price: 27 590 EURAs tested: ~40 000 EURAlso watch: Mazda6 2015 Volkswagen Passat Opel Insignia KIA Optima Renault Talisman Toyota Avensis Ford Mondeo Follow me:facebook.com/marekdrives@mwieruszewskiplus.google.com/+GarazOtwarty/instagram.com/marek_drives#MarekDrives #Mazda6 #zoomzoom
If I want to see a car presentation, I can watch any other channel. But when I want a real honest car review, it's Marek I go to.
Marek often is more on the negative side i‘ve noticed. At least more than many other journalists. No offence.
But that‘s okay, you don‘t need another „Everythings brilliant, buy it now“ reviewer, there‘s already many of them. So you can get a good overview about good things and not so good things (the latter especially here). Someone never should build an opinion from watching one single review.
thats a harsh review to be genuinely honest..this car is by no means the best car but not as bad as you put it.